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This gas powered Powermax scooter is TaoTao's entry-level cc scooter. The Powermax also features technical upgrades not commonly found on 50cc scooters such as an improved gauge cluster complete with tachometer. Owners have reported comfortable mile journeys on the Powermaxso if you have a longer commute or plan to ride longer distances for fun, the Powermax from TaoTao is an excellent entry-level cc scooter choice. Some Assembly Required All scooters we offer require some basic assembly and initial maintenance that usually takes around minutes to complete.

We highly recommend getting it assembled by a certified and licensed mechanic. All materials needed to perform assembly are included with the scooters, including basic hand tools. The warranty covers Engine and Transmission parts only.

taotao vip scooter

This warranty excludes any wear items such as tires, brake pads, bulbs, hoses, filters, etc. You are responsible for any associated shipping fees, but will not be charged for the cost of the replacement part. Returns and Replacements We urge customers to perform an inspection of the scooter upon delivery.

If any damages are found please have the driver note the damage on the delivery slip. We will replace any parts damaged during transit for free OR replace the entire scooter at no charge to you in extreme cases once approved by us.

We will NOT accept returns that were not authorized prior to being sent back. Simply contact our support staff of any issues you come across and we will get it resolved quickly. If you have any questions at all or just want to chat, we're here for you. All prices are in USD. Please wait See 4 more pictures. Order Processing:. Buy in bulk and save. How a scooter can benefit You!

Included With Purchase:. Customers also viewed. Add to cart. Related Products. Fill out this form!JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Be the first to review this product. America's favorite! Street legal check your local DMV.

Very easy controls include front and rear hand brakes, twist throttle and dash mounted speedometer. Comfortable styling, hydraulic suspension, electric start, a wide foot platform and roomy seat make riding comfortable and enjoyable. Sleek styling enhances already great gas mileage. Scooters get better MPG than almost any other vehicle on the road with approx.

Now you can enjoy the luxury of the open road without the guilt at the gas pump! Several colors to choose from! We are a Licensed DMV Dealer in the State of Nevda that provides all necessary drive off documents so you can legally drive off and start enjoying your new Scooter ride!

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Engine Size: 49cc cc1. Search: Search. Scooter ATV Sales. You have no items in your shopping cart. Add to Wishlist Add to Compare Share. Submit Review. Tags Add Your Tags:.TaoTao scooters are some of the best quality, cheapest scooters on the market! They are very reliable, but in the rare event that something happens, they are also very easy to fix and parts are cheap to buy!

As with all vehicles, a little regular care and maintenance goes a long way. If you take good care of your scooter, it will take good care of you. A TaoTao scooter is a convenient and efficient way to get to somewhere without having to use a car and also a fun way to travel around in style. Perhaps best of all, they come in a variety of styles to suit your needs, sizes to meet your speed requirement and bright and vibrant colors to fit your unique personality!

Scooters are very fast and, yet, consume very little fuel. Most of our TaoTao scooters get up to miles per gallon! TaoTao scooters cost much less to purchase than most other scooters. The sizes of the bodies vary, as well as the engines, which range from 50cc to cc. TaoTao 50cc scooters are usually smaller in size than the cc scooters and are perfect for those who want to cruise around town with top speeds of around 35 mph depending on weight, weather, terrain, etc.

In most states, 50cc mopeds don't need a motorcycle license. The TaoTao Thunder 50 is one of our most popular 50cc scooters and with good reason. If you like European style without the European price tag, then the TaoTao Vetas 50 is the scooter for you.

It's so hot that it doesn't stay in stock very long! Stand out while you ride low on the badass TaoTao Cruiser 50, another one-of-a-kind popular scooter. The TaoTao Zummer 50 has a unique off-road look with more traditional styling.

The New Speed 50 comes in black but has interchangeable color body panels for whenever you change your mood. Many states require you to have a motorcycle license to drive a cc scooter, so please check your local state laws before buying. Beware of other dealers who tell you that TaoTao cc scooters are CA legal!

The TaoTao Powermax is our most popular cc scooter. With its tough look and big engine, the TaoTao Lancer is a super popular go-to scooter. TaoTao Quantum is a very popular scooter, with a powerful engine and even more powerful looks!

If you love the classic, refined European look of the TaoTao Roman with 2-tone color options, get it quick. TaoTao also make an awesome electric scooter called the ATE Rather than using gas, this electric scooter plugs into a charge, which plugs right into the wall! In many states, you don't even need to register them or have a driver's license please check your local laws. Save money and save the planet! In addition to its famous, cheap scooters, TaoTao also makes other off-road powersports vehicles, including 4-wheeled ATVs for kids and adults, go karts and 2-wheeled dirt bikes.

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taotao vip scooter

Want more information?If you are looking for an easy-to-ride, inexpensive scooter, then you won't want to miss the TaoTao VIP scooter. The VIP not only saves you money, it also looks great! The Tao VIP scooter is fully automatic and comes equipped with a 49cc engine.

With top speeds of 25mph, this fun TaoTao 49cc street legal scooter is perfect for riding in and around town. Whether you are looking for a way to get around school or around the city, the VIP 49cc scooter is a great choice. When you purchase a TaoTao VIP from Power Sports, you will receive a free matching trunk, which is great for storing the items you need when you're on the go!

Our system will charge you tax only! If you have questions or need additional information regarding this and other scooters, don't be afraid to give us a call at You can also stop by our Arlington, store to see the products in person.

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taotao vip scooter

Our Showroom is open to the public. Get Directions here! Free shipping on all orders Lowest Prices! Sales Txpowersports. Buy now, pay later with Learn More. Get in Touch support Txpowersports. Toggle navigation. Monthly Payments. Call us at for more detail Thank you. Shipping Options. Technical Specs. More pictures. Engine Size. Start Type. Electric with keys, kick start back up. Fully Automatic.Click here to add your own comments.

Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. A battery tender like the Battery Tender Jr. Just about every scooter owner needs to have a battery tender, sometimes called a trickle charger.

TaoTao POWERMAX-150 Gas Street Legal Scooter

Unless you are lucky enough to live in a climate where you can ride all year long, chances are your scooter will be put on ice, figuratively-speaking, for at least a couple months every winter. One of the key steps in winterizing a scooter is to protect your battery from draining during its "rest" period. This can — and will — happen if you leave your battery sitting untended in your cold scooter over the winter, even if it's in a garage or shed.

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We have lots of unanswered questions Also, check out our newest eScooter Club members We are growing every week! I support this site by using affiliate marketing and running Google ads. I earn a small commission when you purchase items here, which helps to keep the site afloat. Thank you for your support. Proudly powered by SBI! What do you think about Tao Tao scooters? Nov 06, Miles and Still a Blast! Its a blast to drive!

Has never had a problem and never let me down. I love it! I've never had a problem. It's been reliable and great fun as my daily driver. Tao Tao finally got it right with this one! It wouldn't start. I took it to 2 local repair shops. After replacing the electronic choke at one shop and installing a new interstate battery from another shop, the bike still will not start. I bought it in April and now it has only about 82 miles on it.A Fun, sleek, sharp looking scooter, perfect for beach and zipping around the town!

The prices are twice more if you add the extended warranty after your scooter has been shipped. The manufacturer's warranty starts the day when your scooter is delivered. The extended warranty effective as soon as the manufacturer's warranty expires. Be sure to tighten all screws, check for appropriate levels of engine fluid and fully charge battery prior to operation. Warranty is valid straight from the box. With one press of the button it automatically cuts the engine so you can stop easily.

Far better than any car on the market, including hybrids. Back up kick start in case your electric starter does not work. Air Cooled: The cooling system on this model is designed to an incredibly high standard. It keeps the engine temperatures level while offering the perfect amount of power for a more reliable engine and quality scooter.

Fully Automatic Transmission: Automatic transmission that is very easy to use for beginners and veterans. Simple twist 'n go acceleration method leaves out the hassle of shifting gears. Upgraded Perforated Seat: High quality seats that reduce heat and won't stick to your skin.

Will not fade or crack from heat and sunlight. Extra Large Underseat Storage Compartment: There is an extra large storage compartment located underneath the seat.

Use this extra space to put all your items that don't fit in the glove compartment. Large Rear Trunk: A big sleek rear storage trunk for you to put any and all items that you need to take with you. This trunk is detachable, so if you don't feel like riding with it, you don't have to.


All riders under 16 should ride with adult supervision. All riders should take a safety course. Atvs, dirt bikes, go karts, scooters and mopeds can be hazardous to operate. For your safety, always wear a helmet, eye protection and protective clothing. Never engage in stunt or extreme riding. Avoid excessive speeds. Be particularly careful on difficult terrain. Remember, Atv, dirt bike, go kart, scooter and moped riding is more fun when you play by the rules.

For safety precautions, be sure to check and tighten all nuts and bolts prior to use. Also, be sure to check for appropriate engine fluid levels to ensure your vehicle is operating under the recommended conditions prior to use.

Usually when someone refers to something as being "economical" the image of a bare bones, dull, an cheap product come to mind. That's the kind of word you apply to something that you would purchase out of necessity rather than pleasure. Well not anymore. When you purchase the brand new TaoTao VIP CYA scooter, you will be getting something that is definitely economical, but most definitely not dull. This moped starts saving you money right from the get go.

It gets 80 to miles per gallon. When you purchase this affordable sporty scooter you will be saving thousands upon thousands of dollars over the years to come.We believe that a family that rides together stays together! That's why we offer a broad lineup of products engineered for youth and products built for adults. Two wheels or four, pavement or dirt, we deliver great products that your whole family can enjoy!

Tao Motor is among the world's largest scooter manufacturers. We have an extensive lineup of quality engineered scooters to suit your tastes and fit your budget.

From the classic look of the NewSpeed 50 to the sleek and modern feel of the QuantumTao Motor offers a scooter to get across town in style. Tao Motor is actively looking for new dealers who are interested in adding a family-affordable product line that covers on-road and off-road vehicles.

If you are a current motorsports dealer with a strong history of customer service, we would like to add you to the growing Tao Motor dealership family. Calling all Tao Motor dealers! We want to see your best Tao Motor social media content. Use the hashtag taomotorfamily and tag us taomotorofficial on your Facebook, Instagram or YouTube posts to be entered in the monthly contest.

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taotao vip scooter

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